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..goodnes.. [Dec. 30th, 2004|02:09 am]
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[x0x Mood |hornyhorny]
[x0x Music |TV]

Hey guys..i took this from Angels journal..check it out..

Instructions: Write one statement to each of 15 people. Never tell which one is for who.

[1]..Ur awesome & i always come to you for my problems ((even if u did tell my secret that one time! lol)) im so glad that we have gotten close this year with the notebook even if its taken away..haha ly!

[2]..Volleyball with you was great & thats when we became friends!! Haha im ur lil brownie! lol and I love u more than Ben..<--hehe! ur so fun to be around my lil singin buddy! <33 ya!

[3]..Basketball with you is great & ur one of my really good friends. Last year me n you had our issuses w/ Lacie & Angel..wow that was funny!! lol..oh well..i miss havin classes w/ ya but we'll still talk at basketball & stuff..love ya chick!

[4]..Gah..i hated u until 6th grade..haha! but now..what would i do without u?? stayin up late fixin this thing..lol...gah in 6th grade we became best friends & now ur my bestest friend..putt-puttin w/ the fartin dude! haha <33 u soo much chick!

[5]..Dude, gurl ur so awesome! Ur hilarious & sooo much fun to be around! Ur so awesome and when the 3 stooges get together, theres no stoppin us...we've been friends for a loooong time & it just gets better! Ur the best..lytons!!!!

[6]..Haha, i can just remember the Glenn baseball games with me, u, & faith..that was funny!!! Remember our deal?? haha!!! Ur sooo funny & our brothers have played ball together for awhile..lul!

[7]..Girl..ur sooo hyper sometimes! Gah ur hilarious & always there for me to talk to about my problems & ur neighborhood is great!!  --;-)..--..haha playin baseball with the guys & fallin off the swing..wow..great memories..OUR CHAIR! haha <33 ya!

[8]..Welp..i just met ya last year & im glad i did...yeah, we were friends but not good friends last year cuz we kinda had our issuses but im sooo glad we got over there! Your awesome 2 be around & sooo funny! lol..WeRiD GaNgStA SiStA iMp..haha! --or something like that! lol..<33 u!

[9]..U moved here in the end of 6th grade & we were friends but not good...Now..ur sooo funny & hilairous & one of my best friends..i <33 ya & ur sooo much fun to be around..gah..the core classes would not be the same w/o u..esp. 6th..ahh! lol ilu!

[10]..Dang..we never have any core classes together!! This year in world languages it would not be the same without u n Kari..haha its hilairous..food day was the best!!! <33 ya chicK!

[11]..Your like my brother & my best guy friend & idk what id do without u..yeah..it all started in 3rd grade..remember? lol..lylab!!

[12]..Ur so awesome..dude what can i say?? ur the best thing thats happened 2 be n awhile and i love u soo much!!! Ur sooo funny & fun to be with cuz i always have a good time when i hang around u..gah ur the best..i <3 u!

[13]..Tubin w/ ya was the best!! & stayin up late on the internet & watchin tv..gah..i know ur always there for me & u always make me feel good about myself!! Idk what i would do w/o u..ilu soo much chick!

[14]..Remember the mall & sprayin Zac with all those smells?? haha that was hilarious!! Dude ur so much fun to be with & ur awesome cuz ur always there for me & even if he did break up w/ u its definately HIS loose! <33 ya hun!

[15]..My lifesaver!! Ahh..what would i do without u?!! haha remember we were afraid to til her sorry cuz she scared us!! HAHA! Talk about funny..lol! What flavor r u..cherry!!!!! Take ur pill Sarah! lol!!! Gah..ur soo funny & we hated each other n 3rd grade but now we r the best of friends! <33 ya chick!

Welp..leave a comment if u figure out which one u are! <33 yall kids..l8er

Dang..I love ben soo much! --hehe


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...Hehe!... [Dec. 28th, 2004|08:56 pm]
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[x0x Mood |hyperhyper]
[x0x Music |How am i Doin-Dierks Bently]

Hey guys...ima just gonna say that im HAPPY! and i go out w/ the greatest guy in the world! lol

Well..yesterday I went to El Plaque w/ Leah, Faith, Alyssa, Alex, & Amanda..it was funny..lol. the gum balls! Haha..<33 yall! Then leah n amanda came over n hung out for awhile & played pool...it was kool..well we suck!

Today..i went shoppin w/ my momma n step sis..what joy..not..lol. Then tonite i went to the movies w/ *Ben* & now im back here starving to death! lol..welp im on the phone w/ leah n im gonna go eat something..talk to yall kids l8er..


Ben's awesome..<33

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Sssssleepy! [Dec. 26th, 2004|04:01 pm]
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[x0x Mood |sleepysleepy]
[x0x Music |I'm gonna smile- Lonestar]

Hey guys..yesterday was Christmas! WhooHoo!!!!! lol Here's what i got::

alot of gift cards & money, a vera bradley purse n make~up case, a leather jacket, a snow jacket from AE, 2 rascal flatt CDs, a CD player, & a pool table <--its awesome! lol.

It was good..got to spend alot of time with the family, the only bad part was my Daddy isnt here anymore..i love u so much dad and i miss u tons!!!

Well...today i went to church, then to Golden Carol, then to the mall to get my holy jeans from Hollister!! there awesomeful!!! lol but daaang the line was to the front of the store..it was bad! & then i went to the nursing home to visit my great grandma..shes doin good. Then l8er tonite im goin to the movies w/ *Ben* hehe! I'm gonna go chill a little b4 then..so l8er yall..love ya

Gah,{[ Ben's ]} great!!!


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Stuffed! [Dec. 24th, 2004|02:10 pm]
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[x0x Mood |naughtynaughty]
[x0x Music |Someday- Nickle back]

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

Welp todays been good..

I went out to eat w/ Tyler & his mom since he's like my brother and we went to Ham's...wow that was good! We saw Ben & his family there..lol...it was funny and i got a hug! hehe! But the food was soooooo good! Then he gave me my present which was an abercombie shirt which is sooo kute & then a ring w/ a little design on it, its awesome! lol

Later today my aunt, uncle, cousins, & grandma from my momma's side of the family are comin over to celebrate Christmas with us so i gotta help cook the food & clean up l8er..what joy..not! lol But hey..i get presents! lol Im gonna go get ready n stuff..l8er kids

I love Ben soo much! <--Ur the best!



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BoReD [Dec. 23rd, 2004|10:12 pm]
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[x0x Mood |lovedloved]
[x0x Music |Santa bring my baby back to me- Elvis! lol]

Ahh..well..these last 2 days have been great!

Lets see...

Yesterday, i went home w/ Faythee & Leeuh and we went to Faythee's house..well we exchanged presents and they got me DodgeBall & these flowers that go in the bathtub & float on the water..their awesome!! lol. Then we started to watch "The day After Tomorrow" but we got bored so we decided to play Cranbim ((sp?)) w/ faiths bro. It was me n Eli against Leeuh n Faythee..and me n Eli won! YAY! lol. Then we went 2 do this live manger scene outside and me n leah n faith were angels. Me n leah had to stand on freakin steps the whole time n i swear i thought i was breakin my back! lol Then we went to Leah's n spent the nite!

Then this mornin i got ready n left at around 12..and come home..chilled, took a shower, then went to Ben's at 2. Bens was fun..he gave me my present..it was a Build-a-bear w/ pink eskimo boots, and a vera bradley wallet that matches the purse im gettin for Christmas...aw its awesome! Dang i love him! hehe..then i got home around 9:30 and now im sittin here doin these & waitin on my food from Taco Bell..so im gonna go..l8er

I Love Ben sooo much!! He's the best..


Santa Clause is comin to town!!

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(no subject) [Dec. 21st, 2004|06:40 pm]
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[x0x Mood |deviousdevious]
[x0x Music |Let me love you- Mario]

You never know what will happen on chirstmas.....;-)

I love all my friends sooo much!

I love u ben..u mean the world to me!!



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Hey [Dec. 20th, 2004|06:51 am]
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[x0x Mood |sleepysleepy]

Hey..i know this is the notebook thingy or whatever...but im gonna use it as mine cuz i cant figure out how to get my own..lol. Anyways

Christmas is here in ummm 5 days! Lord, this year has flown by..its crazy! lol But its all good.

Today at skool it was sooo boring!

1st Period- Band, just talked to Faith the whole time basically and kinda played some weird ghost song...lol

2nd- Gym...played knock out with most of the guys and Amanda played to! Wow..that was interesting!!! Haha..amanda we have that stocker remember?? sOoOoOo scary!

3rd- We got our Science projects back..i got an 85 which is a B so i guess it aint that bad. Usually i just talk to Jackie in this class so thats what i did, but i hate it cuz its sooo freakin' borin! lol

4th- Omilord..we had the meanest sub in Mrs. Horn's class cuz shes about to have her baby!! ((YAY!)) lol..but dude she yelled at us for every little thing and she yelled at me n Kari for lookin in the mirror in the bathroom..how gay!

5th- We had to finish these investagation thingys in Math..so i worked with Kayla again! ((Dang that chick is the awesomest!! Haha kayla "Dang THAT SUCKS BALLS!! lol!)) Then..we just talked and we didnt have any homework in that class for once..thank the Lord!

6th- We were put into groups for soical studies that mrs. Maxy picked out..i had Namoi and Josh Horn <~Wow hes annoying! Well..i swear my 6th period is a freakin zoo!! dude..even our teacher says we're the worst period..thats sad!

--The end of the day was the best cuz i got to c *Ben* and he gave me a kiss good-bye! Hehe!

Well im really sleepy so im gonna go lay down n watch some tv with my lil brother..

I love You Ben!


_Where would i be w/o my friends??_

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LaLaLa [Nov. 29th, 2004|03:52 pm]
Say's liFe

Trying to change the picture & update this thing is complicated. I've been having problems trying to figure it all out. Hehe..

Well I decided to write because theres nothing better to do. So nothings really new except::

& I got some new clothes & shoes*

lol So Yeah. That's it.

I'm gonna gO & do some homework!!


XoChEeRbaBe018: i think they are sex deprived men
..OmG HaHa I Love Yew Cailie!!

 [x].You held my hand once...
    [x].You Held My Hand Twice*
       [x].Then..You Juss Let .G.o.       

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Bizzy Weekend .. [Nov. 28th, 2004|06:07 pm]
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[x0x Mood |sicksick]
[x0x Music |Boy Meets World]

Hey!! I got bak from the mountains around 2 today & Sarah left around 3. This weekend was really fun. We shopped & got presents for alot of our friends. We wanted to snowboard & tube but it started raining last night so we didn`t get to. We hung out at the house we stayed at & watched this really sweet, sad movie called *Searching For David`s <3* It was s0o0o good!! I have a bad cold & sore throat... I`ve felt lyke crap all day. It was very cold in the mountains so it felt good to get home today. There was snow everywhere up there yesturday & today it was s0o0o windy!! I don`t know if I`ll feel good enuf to go to school tomorrow.. I have to go to the school from 630 to 930 for the Open House & wear my Sems cheerleading uniform. I don`t really wanna go but o well. I`m watching the Boy Meets World marathon so I`m gonna go!!




Maybe 1 day .. <3

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What a busy Weekend! [Nov. 28th, 2004|03:51 pm]
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[x0x Mood |lonelylonely]
[x0x Music |Born Country- Alabama]

Hey Guys!! Welp i just got home from the mountains w/ Lee and it was fun but sooo cold!!! When we got there, there was snow all over the ground-it was awesome!! We couldnt snowboard b.c it started to rain saturday night but its all good. Lee didnt feel good part of the time but shes better now. We saw a drunk afgan!! ahhhhhhhhhh he had his headlights on n the middle of the day!!! lol it was crazy. Im gonna go cuz im about to head to the Y w/ faithy!!

L8er kids!!

<3 Say


My Friends r the best!!

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