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Sssssleepy! [Dec. 26th, 2004|04:01 pm]
Say's liFe


[x0x Mood |sleepysleepy]
[x0x Music |I'm gonna smile- Lonestar]

Hey guys..yesterday was Christmas! WhooHoo!!!!! lol Here's what i got::

alot of gift cards & money, a vera bradley purse n make~up case, a leather jacket, a snow jacket from AE, 2 rascal flatt CDs, a CD player, & a pool table <--its awesome! lol.

It was good..got to spend alot of time with the family, the only bad part was my Daddy isnt here anymore..i love u so much dad and i miss u tons!!!

Well...today i went to church, then to Golden Carol, then to the mall to get my holy jeans from Hollister!! there awesomeful!!! lol but daaang the line was to the front of the store..it was bad! & then i went to the nursing home to visit my great grandma..shes doin good. Then l8er tonite im goin to the movies w/ *Ben* hehe! I'm gonna go chill a little b4 then..so l8er yall..love ya

Gah,{[ Ben's ]} great!!!