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..goodnes.. - ..Why do i feel this way with just *You*? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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..goodnes.. [Dec. 30th, 2004|02:09 am]
Say's liFe


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Hey guys..i took this from Angels journal..check it out..

Instructions: Write one statement to each of 15 people. Never tell which one is for who.

[1]..Ur awesome & i always come to you for my problems ((even if u did tell my secret that one time! lol)) im so glad that we have gotten close this year with the notebook even if its taken away..haha ly!

[2]..Volleyball with you was great & thats when we became friends!! Haha im ur lil brownie! lol and I love u more than Ben..<--hehe! ur so fun to be around my lil singin buddy! <33 ya!

[3]..Basketball with you is great & ur one of my really good friends. Last year me n you had our issuses w/ Lacie & Angel..wow that was funny!! lol..oh well..i miss havin classes w/ ya but we'll still talk at basketball & stuff..love ya chick!

[4]..Gah..i hated u until 6th grade..haha! but now..what would i do without u?? stayin up late fixin this thing..lol...gah in 6th grade we became best friends & now ur my bestest friend..putt-puttin w/ the fartin dude! haha <33 u soo much chick!

[5]..Dude, gurl ur so awesome! Ur hilarious & sooo much fun to be around! Ur so awesome and when the 3 stooges get together, theres no stoppin us...we've been friends for a loooong time & it just gets better! Ur the best..lytons!!!!

[6]..Haha, i can just remember the Glenn baseball games with me, u, & faith..that was funny!!! Remember our deal?? haha!!! Ur sooo funny & our brothers have played ball together for awhile..lul!

[7]..Girl..ur sooo hyper sometimes! Gah ur hilarious & always there for me to talk to about my problems & ur neighborhood is great!!  --;-)..--..haha playin baseball with the guys & fallin off the swing..wow..great memories..OUR CHAIR! haha <33 ya!

[8]..Welp..i just met ya last year & im glad i did...yeah, we were friends but not good friends last year cuz we kinda had our issuses but im sooo glad we got over there! Your awesome 2 be around & sooo funny! lol..WeRiD GaNgStA SiStA iMp..haha! --or something like that! lol..<33 u!

[9]..U moved here in the end of 6th grade & we were friends but not good...Now..ur sooo funny & hilairous & one of my best friends..i <33 ya & ur sooo much fun to be around..gah..the core classes would not be the same w/o u..esp. 6th..ahh! lol ilu!

[10]..Dang..we never have any core classes together!! This year in world languages it would not be the same without u n Kari..haha its hilairous..food day was the best!!! <33 ya chicK!

[11]..Your like my brother & my best guy friend & idk what id do without u..yeah..it all started in 3rd grade..remember? lol..lylab!!

[12]..Ur so awesome..dude what can i say?? ur the best thing thats happened 2 be n awhile and i love u soo much!!! Ur sooo funny & fun to be with cuz i always have a good time when i hang around u..gah ur the best..i <3 u!

[13]..Tubin w/ ya was the best!! & stayin up late on the internet & watchin tv..gah..i know ur always there for me & u always make me feel good about myself!! Idk what i would do w/o u..ilu soo much chick!

[14]..Remember the mall & sprayin Zac with all those smells?? haha that was hilarious!! Dude ur so much fun to be with & ur awesome cuz ur always there for me & even if he did break up w/ u its definately HIS loose! <33 ya hun!

[15]..My lifesaver!! Ahh..what would i do without u?!! haha remember we were afraid to til her sorry cuz she scared us!! HAHA! Talk about funny..lol! What flavor r u..cherry!!!!! Take ur pill Sarah! lol!!! Gah..ur soo funny & we hated each other n 3rd grade but now we r the best of friends! <33 ya chick!

Welp..leave a comment if u figure out which one u are! <33 yall kids..l8er

Dang..I love ben soo much! --hehe