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Hey - ..Why do i feel this way with just *You*? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Say's liFe

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Hey [Dec. 20th, 2004|06:51 am]
Say's liFe


[x0x Mood |sleepysleepy]

Hey..i know this is the notebook thingy or whatever...but im gonna use it as mine cuz i cant figure out how to get my own..lol. Anyways

Christmas is here in ummm 5 days! Lord, this year has flown by..its crazy! lol But its all good.

Today at skool it was sooo boring!

1st Period- Band, just talked to Faith the whole time basically and kinda played some weird ghost song...lol

2nd- Gym...played knock out with most of the guys and Amanda played to! Wow..that was interesting!!! Haha..amanda we have that stocker remember?? sOoOoOo scary!

3rd- We got our Science projects back..i got an 85 which is a B so i guess it aint that bad. Usually i just talk to Jackie in this class so thats what i did, but i hate it cuz its sooo freakin' borin! lol

4th- Omilord..we had the meanest sub in Mrs. Horn's class cuz shes about to have her baby!! ((YAY!)) lol..but dude she yelled at us for every little thing and she yelled at me n Kari for lookin in the mirror in the bathroom..how gay!

5th- We had to finish these investagation thingys in Math..so i worked with Kayla again! ((Dang that chick is the awesomest!! Haha kayla "Dang THAT SUCKS BALLS!! lol!)) Then..we just talked and we didnt have any homework in that class for once..thank the Lord!

6th- We were put into groups for soical studies that mrs. Maxy picked out..i had Namoi and Josh Horn <~Wow hes annoying! Well..i swear my 6th period is a freakin zoo!! dude..even our teacher says we're the worst period..thats sad!

--The end of the day was the best cuz i got to c *Ben* and he gave me a kiss good-bye! Hehe!

Well im really sleepy so im gonna go lay down n watch some tv with my lil brother..

I love You Ben!


_Where would i be w/o my friends??_